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Privacy policy updated

Our privacy policy has been updated (along with everyone else’s!) to comply with GDPR. There are two main changes:

  • the analytics package we use changed its name from Piwik to Matomo; it’s the same package, but with a new name
  • we switched map provider from Google to OpenStreetMap (mainly because the Google Maps plugin we were using stopped working)
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Site will be down on Sunday

In order to install security updates, the site will be unavailable for periods on Sunday, October 23.

UPDATE: the website is now up, but there are still problems with emails to addresses ending in Please don’t send any emails to such addresses for now. Email is now working again. Please let me know if there are any odd problems still showing up.

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Problems with Sussex Drinker downloads

Unfortunately, there seems to be a problem with the downloads of the last two Sussex Drinker issues.

I’ve taken the posts offline until I can fix it, but I’m currently in Philadelphia (in a bar with Burning Sky beer on tap, no less) so the summer and autumn issues won’t be available for a couple of weeks. Sorry for the inconvenience.

UPDATE: Both issues are now back online.

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Recent weirdness

Sorry for any odd-looking parts of the site recently — a security update seems to have interacted badly with our calendar plugin, making things look a bit odd!

(You might have also noticed things looking very odd in the last couple of hours as I tried to fix it!)

Hopefully everything’s back to normal now…

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If you can read this…

…you’re looking at the new site. Yay!

You’ll have noticed it looks exactly the same as the old site — or it should, anyway. The next stage is a redesign, coming later this year.

The branch mailing list is now working again. I’m off for a beer. Or three.

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Site downtime this weekend

We’re moving the website to a new hosting provider.

Some time this weekend, the site will be down for a couple of hours (hopefully!) while we complete the transition. During this time, you’ll see a holding page.

While this transition is taking place, email to addresses may not be delivered correctly, so please try to avoid sending anything important at that time.

See you on the other side…

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Sorry for the downtime

Apologies for the site being broken the last few days — the hosting company performed an upgrade which caused it to break. We’ll see if we can get advance notice of upgrades in the future in order to avoid this sort of thing happening again.

(The fix was as simple as adding an ‘&’ in the right place :)

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Yapton 2013: beer list now up

For those of you who’ve been waiting, here it is:

Yapton 2013 Beer List

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Change to Privacy Policy

We’ve updated our Privacy Policy to reflect the fact that we’re running Piwik Analytics on the site.

Piwik Analytics is similar to Google Analytics, except it’s run entirely on our server. We use this to get a better idea of which parts of the site are most used, and which parts seem to be difficult to find. (Some background: I’m currently working on a new version of the site, so this is the ideal time to make improvements — but it helps to know what actually needs improving!) This data will not be used for marketing, and nobody outside Western Sussex CAMRA has access to it.

For more details, and to opt out of being shown in the analytics, please see our privacy policy.

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Changes to Privacy Policy

We’ve updated the Privacy Policy to reflect the new law on cookies. Basically, we don’t set any, since we took the analytics code out some time ago (but forgot to update the cookies section — oops!)

Pages with Google Maps (currently only the Yapton Beerex pages) may still set cookies, but these are essential for the maps to display.

We’ve also updated the branch contact email address, as it changed recently. Apologies to anybody who’s tried emailing him recently and got no answer — you may want to resend your message to the correct address :)

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