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Yapton Beer of the Festival

The voting slips have been tallied: the winner of the 2013 Yapton Beer of the Festival is Redemption Trinity. In second place was Moncada Notting Hill Porter, with Brodies Kiwi (last year’s winner) finishing third.

The LocAle of the Festival award goes to **Harveys Sussex Wild Hop*, with Dark Star APA and Summer Meltdown sharing the honours for second place, and Dark Star Victorian Ruby Mild in fourth.

The win for Sussex Wild Hop is particularly impressive, as this was the beer’s first public outing! It was also first to sell out, so apologies to those of you who didn’t get to try any — it will be available at the South Downs Beer Festival in Lewes next weekend, but tickets seem to be almost sold out. Wild Hop should be available in Harveys pubs in July.

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Langham Brewery’s Conker Competition

Langham Brewery will be holding their fifth annual conker competition on October 7 (presumably at the brewery itself).

As well as a bar, there will be steam engines, three bands and homemade food.

Oh, and conkers. Of course.

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Yapton 2012: Beer of the Festival

The votes have been tallied, and the results are in.

Beer of the Festival for Yapton 2012 is Brodie’s Citra. Second place went to Steel City Draconian Times, and Saltaire Elderflower Blonde came third.

The LocAle of the Festival was a tie between Langham FlorAle and Surrey Hills Greensand IPA, with Dark Star Revelation in third place.

Thanks to everyone for voting, and for your comments on how to improve next year’s festival.

The winner of the draw for free tickets to next year’s festival is Alex Hall of Brooklyn, New York. (We’re not just a tiny local festival, you know…)

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Adur Brewery: future development

John Simpson at Adur Brewery has passed this on to us; please contact him at the address below if you’re interested.

Ever dreamed of owning, or working in, a Brewery?

Most real ale fans will have had such thoughts at one time or another, but probably dismissed it as an impossible dream. Now there is a way in which you may be able to realise it, in a more convenient and less costly way than you might ever have imagined.

Read on for full details, then email us if interested.

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Arundel wins more awards

Arundel Brewery did very well back in August last year at the Hop Farm, Kent, where its beers picked up three prizes at the South Eastern regional finals of the SIBA Brewing Competition, but they have now gone one better.

At the SIBA National Finals held in early March in Stratford-upon-Avon, Sussex Mild won a gold medal to become National Champion Beer in the mild category. It also just missed becoming Supreme Champion by one place, gaining the silver medal instead — a great result for an endangered beer style. Sussex Mild wins friends easily, and young drinkers who have tried it during brewery tours have been greatly impressed.

Generally, production and sales are going well, with the company’s products gaining plenty of new accounts, such as the Capital Pub Co in London. The beers have also been featured in Wetherspoon outlets from Fareham to Hastings, and northwards to Haslemere.

Article supplied by Jeff Vinter, Arundel Brewery Liaison Officer. Arundel’s Sussex Mild can be found regularly at the Four Chesnuts, Chichester.

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Marston’s buys Ringwood — who’s next?

Marston’s has bought Ringwood Brewery for £19.2 million pounds.

The company has said that it is committed to the brewery, and that it will continue to brew Ringwood beers at Ringwood. While Marston’s has (so far) kept a similar promise regarding Jennings, the fear is that other large brewers will start snapping up small breweries in order to keep up — and those small breweries may well end up going the same way as King & Barnes did…

Story at the Publican’s site

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Oh look. Greene King has confirmed that Hardys & Hansons will be closed at the end of the year.

The only printable response I can find is that GK is the 21st Century Whitbread. Although at least Whitbread usually waited a bit before closing the brewery they’d bought.

Isn’t it about time we said “enough is enough”? I for one won’t be drinking any of GK’s beers — oh, sorry, “brands”. Says it all, that.

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Well, that about wraps it up for Hardys & Hansons

At just after 4 today, Hardys & Hansons shareholders voted to accept Greene King’s takeover bid.

The board stated that the future of the brewery was a matter for GK so… well, place your bets. I give them until the end of the year, tops :(

No link for further information just yet, as we seem to have scooped both the Publican and the Morning Advertiser…

(Personal rant: Wonder how many more family brewers will need to be devoured before the Government gets off its backside and does something? Oh, but that would take vital resources away from spending all our money on half-baked identity card schemes, of course…)

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Another one down – Greene King buys Hardys & Hansons

Greene King have agreed to buy Hardys & Hansons for £270m. No news yet on the fate of the brewery. (Call me Captain Cynical if you like, but I doubt it’ll last long…)

More details in articles at the Publican and the Morning Advertiser.

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Young’s — but not as we know it

Another one bites the dust — Young’s is to close its brewery in Wandsworth (the site is believed to be worth up to £100m) and merge with Charles Wells. The resulting company will be known as Wells & Young’s Brewing Company Ltd.

Another bit of brewing history down the toilet. Will the beers still taste the same? Will the bottled range be as extensive? (And what will happen to all the horses, come to that?)


(Edit: more in this article in the Times)

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