Yapton tickets update

If you’ve sent a cheque for Yapton tickets, you might be wondering what’s happened to them.

The tickets are currently at the printers, and we should be sending them out in one to two weeks, depending on how long the printing actually takes next week. Selden Arms regulars — expect tickets to be on sale there shortly after.

Please note that Saturday lunchtime is now sold out; there are still plenty of tickets left for the evening sessions. If you’ve already sent an order for Saturday lunchtime, you will be getting the tickets you ordered, but if we haven’t had your order already, then you may still be able to get in on the door — first come first served, and subject to capacity.

Sorry about the delay — it’s the first time I’ve dealt with the ticket printing, and it turned out to be a bit more complicated than I thought. Hopefully next year will go a bit more smoothly.

(And if you haven’t sent a cheque yet, you might like to know the prices, which I seem to have forgotten to mention! Friday and Saturday sessions are all £4. Sunday isn’t bookable in advance — we never get near the hall limit, in any case — just turn up and pay £1 on the door to cover the cost of your glass. More details on ticket ordering on the beer festival page.)

Date posted: Monday, April 3rd, 2006 14:06 | Under category: News
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