Privacy / Legal changes

A minor change to the privacy / legal page, also reflected on the contact page.

Due to a certain organisation (which had, perhaps, better remain nameless for now) accessing CAMRA websites the length and breadth of the land, copying any email addresses they can find, and adding these email addresses to a mailing list without the permission of the recipients, I’ve changed these pages to reflect the situation:

These pages are maintained by volunteers, using their own resources and mostly at their own expense. Any email addresses published go to private systems, not CAMRA systems, even if the address ends with

By accessing these pages, you agree that email addresses found on this site are private, non-business email addresses (unless explicitly noted as otherwise) and you agree that you will not send unsolicited advertising, sign them up to mailing lists, or otherwise treat these addresses as anything other than Personal Data as defined in the Data Protection Act, and thus requiring specific opt-in for business mailings.!

Date posted: Saturday, July 11th, 2009 10:00 | Under category: Site News
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