Olive Branch, Yapton reopened

The Olive Branch (formerly the Black Dog) in Yapton has been closed for a few months now, with occasional signs of work taking place. It has now opened again (on May 15, just in time for the Yapton Beerex!)

We’ve not had any reports so far (plenty of us in the area last weekend, but we were a tad busy) though it’s believed to be selling Greene King beers. (Update: last Sunday, the beer range was Greene King IPA, Fuller’s London Pride, and Courage Best, though the Best was turned around at the time.)

Down the road, the Shoulder Of Mutton And Cucumbers has an “under offer” sign outside. Whether the offer involves it staying as a pub is unknown…

Date posted: Saturday, May 23rd, 2009 11:38 | Under category: News, Pubs
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