Champion Beer of Britain

Dark & Light Mild

  1. Beckstones Black Freddy
  2. Rudgate Ruby Mild
  3. Rhymney Dark


  1. Triple fff Alton’s Pride
  2. Lees Bitter
  3. Jarrow Rivet Catcher / Surrey Hills Ranmore Ale

Best Bitters

  1. Skinners Betty Stogs
  2. Highland Scapa Special
  3. Cairngorm Nessie’s Monster Mash / Timothy Taylor Landlord

Golden Ales

  1. Otley O1
  2. Loddon Ferryman’s Gold
  3. Skinners Cornish Knocker

Strong Bitter

  1. Thornbridge Jaipur IPA
  2. Fullers ESB
  3. Highland Orkney Blast


  1. Otley O-Garden
  2. Wentworth Bumble Beer
  3. Nethergate Umbel Magna

Real Ale In A Bottle

  1. Wye Valley Dorothy Goodbody’s Wholesome Stout
  2. Fullers 1845
  3. Wells & Youngs Special London Ale


  1. Triple fff Alton’s Pride
  2. Beckstones Black Freddy
  3. Wickwar Station Porter (Champion Winter Beer)
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