Fuller’s & Young’s Autumn “Beer Festivals”

Fuller’s and Young’s are both running what they bill as “autumn beer festivals” — what most of the rest of us would refer to as a series of special beers. That’s marketing departments for you.

The Fuller’s range is allegedly available at the Red Lion, Fernhurst, although the Fullers website doesn’t seem to think so. The Star in Petworth and the White Horse in Pulborough are listed, though. The range is Red Fox, then Mr Harry, then Trafalgar Ale. They started on September 5, so you’ll have to hurry to catch the Red Fox, as Mr Harry should be due on about now. Trafalgar Ale is expected in mid-October. I’d link to the page on the Fuller’s site, but they’ve designed it so you can only link to the front page. So you’ll have to go to the Fuller’s home page instead. (Update: yes, the Red Lion is doing the seasonals. Not cheap, though — Red Fox was £2.90! And it was on the website — under Surrey!)

Young’s are doing Ram Rod, Special London Ale (normally only available bottle-conditioned), Old Nick, and finally Burton Ale, which hasn’t been brewed for many a year. The Ram Rod and Special London have been and gone at the Waverley, but Old Nick is expected to pop up in the next couple of days. More details on the range, plus a list of participating pubs, on the Young’s beer festival page. (To save you some time, both the Waverley and the Sussex Brewery are taking part.)

Date posted: Wednesday, September 21st, 2005 11:45 | Under category: News, Pubs
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