Two beer festivals coming up

We’re spoilt for choice on the weekend of September 8/9 — not one, but two beer festivals!

The first is at the Ship & Anchor in Ford, whose festival starts at opening on Friday and runs through until closing on Sunday. Free admission, with live music on Friday and Saturday evenings, and around 10 beers to choose from. Food should be available throughout, and there’s a campsite outside so you could always bring a caravan or tent. No guarantees about the weather, though!

The other beer fest is at Amberley Museum — this one’s Friday and Saturday evenings only, and admission is £4 for Friday evening and £3 for Saturday. Advance tickets can be had from the Museum office, or from the Bell, Chichester, the King’s Arms, Arundel, the Evening Star, Brighton, the Stanley Arms, Portslade, the Buckingham Arms, Shoreham, and the Selden Arms, Worthing. Up to 30 beers at this one — no mention of cider but we live in hope.

If you’re coming from Brighton, Portslade, Shoreham or Worthing, there’s a bus running from the pubs to the Amberley beer festival — and back again! — for £2. Pre-book to be sure of a seat, though.

Both festivals are easily accessible by rail: the Ship & Anchor is five minutes walk south from Ford station, and Amberley Museum is right by Amberley station, so you could do both on one rail ticket.

Date posted: Monday, August 28th, 2006 09:44 | Under category: News
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