Wilkes Head Beer Festival List

The beer list for the festival at the Wilkes Head, Eastergate (October 4–7) is now out.

Abbeydale: Deception (4.1%), Black Mass (6.66%), Chocolate Stout (4.5%), Fargate (4.1%)
Bridestones: Pennine Gold (4.3%)
Brown Cow: Thriller In Vanilla (5.1%)
Elland: Beyond The Pale (4.2%)
Empire: Crusader (5.0%)
Goose Eye: Golden Goose (4.5%)
Great Newsome: Frothingham Best (4.3%)
Ilkley: Ilkley Best (4.0%)
Kelham Island: Pride of Sheffield (4.0%)
Leeds: Yorkshire Gold (4.2%)
Old Bear: Yorkshire Ale (4.2%)
Old Mill: Traditional Bitter (3.9%)
Partners: Tabatha the Knackered (6.0%)
Pennine: Real Blonde (4.0%)
Rudgate: Viking Bitter (3.8%)
Salamander: Mudpuppy (4.2%)
Thornbridge: Lord Marples (4.0%), Kipling (5.2%), Jaipur (5.9%)

Plus various ciders, and local beers from Langham, Oakleaf, Bowman and Itchen Valley.

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