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Calendar subscriptions are broken

Calendar subscriptions are broken at the moment. Not quite sure what’s wrong, but the calendar didn’t show in my copy of iCal. It also decided to hide all my other calendars, and I had to do the sort of hacking that, quite frankly, you shouldn’t have to do on a Mac in order to get them back again.

Until I’ve found a fix for this, please delete your Western Sussex CAMRA calendar subscription from iCal and look at the site for updates. Sorry about this.

(Does anybody actually use that feature apart from me, anyway?)

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Just got back from the Trading Post in Barnham, where they’re currently selling Deuchars IPA at two bottles for £1. The catch is that the best before date is August 5, but the beer should be fine for ages after that — most of my bottles seem to get drunk after the sell by date, and I can only remember one tasting a bit different.

Fill yer boots :)

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Site upgrade — expect the unexpected

I’m upgrading the site from WordPress 1.5 to 2 — some parts will not be working while this takes place (like the events calendar). Should only take about 20 minutes, though.

Edit: …and we’re back. Annoyingly, it doesn’t actually fix the problem I was having with the old version :(

Let me know if you’re having problems with the site.

Edit the second: The link for the calendar subscription has changed. If you’re subscribing to the calendar in iCal or similar, you’ll need to remove the old calendar from iCal and subscribe to the new one. (Annoyingly, clicking on the link just downloads a file — you’ll need to right-click on the link, select “Copy Link”, choose Calendar ? Subscribe in iCal, and paste the link in. It’s still easier than trying to make it work in Outlook, though :)

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Formal, Maypole

Aug 8, 2006

Formal meeting, Maypole, Yapton, at 8:45. (Note this is one week later than normal due to the Great British Beer Festival)

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Social. Fishbourne & Bosham

Jul 25, 2006

Social, Bulls Head, Fishbourne, at 8:45.
Then Anchor Bleu, Bosham and either White Swan, Bosham or Horse & Groom, East Ashling (or maybe both if we’ve got time!)

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Social, Nyetimber

Jul 18, 2006

Social, Inglenook, Nyetimber, at 8:45.
Then Bear, Nyetimber and a magical mystery tour afterwards (in other words, we don’t know where we’re going from here…)

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Sussex Branches, Hastings

Jul 22, 2006

Sussex Branches meeting, White Rock Hotel, Hastings at 12:00.

WARNING: The RMT has scheduled a signallers’ strike for this day (see the story at BBC News) which is due to finish at noon, so you’ll probably need to make alternative travel arrangements. (It’s possible the meeting may be rescheduled – watch this space…)

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Four Chesnuts Beer Festival

The Four Chesnuts in Chichester is having a beer festival from July 21–23. More details are available at the Four Chesnuts websitecurrently the site still has the beer list from the last festival. There will be a range of Belgian beers this time, too.

edit: The beer list is now up.

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