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New feature — calendar subscriptions

You can now subscribe to the events calendar in your calendar program, so the branch socials will automatically appear in your diary (provided you don’t use a paper one, of course — we’re not that good!)

To subscribe, point your calendar program at the calendar subscription link.

iCal users, press Command-Option-S or choose Calendar > Subscribe… — then paste the link into the box and press Subscribe. You’ll be prompted to give your calendar a name, and choose how often you want it to auto-update (please don’t set it to any more frequent than once a day, or my ISP will probably do nasty things to me :)

Google Calendar users should click on the ‘+’ next to Other Calendars, paste the address into the box, and click Add then OK. (You’ll probably want to click on ‘Manage Calendars’ and give it a more useful name afterwards…)

I’m not sure how to do it in Microsoft Outlook — given that it’s not available for the Mac — but as far as I’m aware you can manually download the calendar and import it, but you can’t subscribe. I’ll have a look when I’m at work and see what I can do.

(If you’re interested, the plugin I’m using for this is Garrick Van Buren’s WP-iCal.)

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Social, West Dean and Cocking

May 30, 2006

Selsey Arms, West Dean, at 8:45.
Then Greyhound, Cocking and either Country Inn, Bepton or Three Moles, Selham.

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Social, West Marden and Compton

May 16, 2006

Victoria, West Marden, at 8:45.
Then Coach & Horses, Compton

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Social, Aldwick and Bognor

Apr 25, 2006

Ship, Aldwick, at 8:45.
Then Waverley, Bognor Regis

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Yapton Beerex 2006

May 12, 2006

Friday evening session: 5pm — 11pm, £4.

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Social, Westbourne

May 2, 2006

White Horse, Westbourne at 8:45.
Then Stag’s Head, Good Intent (if time), and Cricketer’s.

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Beerex Meeting, Maypole, Yapton

May 9, 2006

Formal meeting to finalise arrangements for Yapton Beerex, Maypole, Yapton at 8:45. Please arrive on time, as we have a lot to get through!

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Social, Felpham

May 23, 2006

Thatched House, Felpham, at 8:45.
Then Fox, Felpham and possibly one other, to be determined on the night.

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Social, Bosham

Apr 18, 2006

Berkeley, Bosham, at 8:45.
Then Anchor Bleu and White Swan — possible finish at Horse & Groom, East Ashling

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New Harveys shop in Midhurst

Good news for Harveys fans in Midhurst — the Harveys Bottle & Jug is now open, with the full bottled beer range available, as well as draught Best and a seasonal beer. It’ll make a nice change from Veuve Cliquot if you’re heading to Cowdray Park for the polo :)

Opening hours are 9:30 — 17:30 Tuesday to Saturday. It’s apparently next door to the Swan.

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