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Earl of March reopens

Three years after its closure, the Earl of March, Lavant, reopened last night.

Our roving reporter tells us that the beers are Hop Back Summer Lightning and Ringwood Best on the handpumps, with Hop Back Crop Circle, Ballards Golden Bine and Hampshire Lionheart on cooled gravity dispense behind the bar. Prices are in the £2.60 — £2.80 range.

They’ve gone for a light and spacious look with leather sofas and chairs in the bar area and tropical hardwood tables and chairs for the eatery. The floor has flagstones by the car park entrance, with a wooden floor in the rest of the pub, low-level background music (no TV or machines) and a vase with an orchid on every table. One of the customers said it had a sort of “Slug & Lettuce” feel to it (although I don’t remember seeing a Slug & Lettuce with 5 ales on!)

Food-wise, it’s been described as “nouvelle cuisine”, which is a bit of a change from the previous hearty, home-made fare — and, as you might expect, the food’s a bit more expensive than it used to be.

Hopefully the locals, who’ve had three years to get used to drinking at home, will come back again — it’s hard to see how the food side of things will give them enough beer turnover to keep 5 ales on…

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Social, Hooksway and points west

Dec 13, 2005 21:00Dec 14, 2005 00:00

Royal Oak, Hooksway, at 9:00.
After that, probably Ship, South Harting.

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Social, Selsey

Dec 20, 2005 21:00Dec 21, 2005 00:00

Lifeboat, Selsey, at 9:00.
Second pub to be decided — possibly Blacksmith’s, Donington, or back to Chichester.

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Ballards Brewery Walk

Nov 29, 2005

A pleasant country walk, hopefully without too much mud, starting from Ballards Brewery at 10am. Pubs participating are generally the Three Horseshoes, Elsted, the Keeper’s Arms, Trotton, the White Horse, Rogate and the Southdown Hotel. The brewery will be launching the latest in its “Old Bounder” series of beers, with proceeds going to charity, so you can start the day with something around 9.5% ABV if you want :)

As usual, Pete Brown has organised a bus. To book your place, please contact him on (01243) 552908 or email Cost should be around £10.

Pickups are:

  • 0830: Worthing station
  • 0900: Littlehampton station
  • 0905: Ford Airfield (eastern end, by the plane)
  • 0915: Barnham station
  • 0925: Chichester station (south side, outside the entrance)

The return trip will start from Elsted at about 1500, but Pete will give out details on the day. We’ll almost certainly be going via Selham, for some reason…

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Social, Westbourne

Nov 29, 2005

Stag’s Head, Westbourne, at 8:45 Cricketers, Westbourne

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Tasting Panel (Dark Star)

Nov 19, 2005

The Sussex Tasting Panel will be tasting Dark Star beers at the Evening Star, Brighton. Time to be confirmed, but should be 12.

You will need to have completed the CAMRA Tasting Panel induction to take part, but it may be possible to sort something out on the day.

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Social, Charlton and Eartham

Nov 15, 2005

Fox Goes Free, Charlton, at 8:45 George, Eartham then probably Anglesey Arms, Halnaker.

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Social, Stedham and Elsted

Nov 8, 2005

Hamilton Arms, Stedham, at 8:45 Three Horseshoes, Elsted then probably Ship, South Harting.

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Gales Taken Over

News just in: Gales have been taken over by Fullers for some vast sum of money (around about £90m, we hear).

That’s all we have so far — we’ve beaten the BBC to the story :) There’s no news on whether the pubs will be rebranded or the brewery closed, though with any luck it might get a bit easier to get hold of some Chiswick around here…

More info as we get it.

(Update: more details in the article in the Publican. Looks like a “complete review” is planned, so it could go either way. Might not be a bad idea to stock up on bottles of Prize Old, though…)

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Gosh, it’s a bit quiet…

Sorry about the lack of content on the front page — I need to tweak the code a bit so that something always gets shown.

In the meantime, Saturday’s Bus Cruise is nearly fully booked, so if you want to go, get in touch with Pete Brown now.

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